Why Should You Select Discount Registered Agents?

Why Should You Select Discount Registered Agents, Inc.

Why Should You Select Discount Registered Agents, Inc. As The Registered Agent For Your Business?

Choosing a Registered Agent is a serious matter that should not be taken likely as this agent will be responsible for a lot of stuff including delivery of legal documents on your behalf and will be reminding you of compliance necessities. Here is why you should choose Discount Registered Agents, Inc. as your own registered agent.

With Our Service You Receive:

  • Free Mail Forwarding Of All State And Federal Documents.
  • Notification Of Filing Requirements on an annual basis thus avoiding State-Imposed Penalties
  • Notifications If Your Company Is Ever Served.
  • Above board Client Services and Pricing
  • Excellent client service from a team equipped and ready to serve you.

Points about Our Company and Our Service

  • We value excellent client service at Discount Registered Agents, Inc., which is why we aim to provide you with the best of it. Over half our revenue is generated through current existing clients which is proof enough of our superior client service.
  • Our fee remains $95.00 a year and we don’t have any plans of increasing it.
  • No complaint has been files against us to date.
  • We only offer Registered Agent Services which makes us specialists in this niche.
  • We offer Registered Agent Services in ALL 50 States.
  • We specialize in the laws of Wyoming and Nevada which makes us the go-to source in the registration laws of these states.
  • We strive to ensure that you are properly listened to and understood and we answer any of your questions without actually charging.
  • In offering our Registered Agent Services, we have long standing, established, protocols and an effective system for Service of Process so that everything is handled efficiently and timely.
  • If your business is named in a lawsuit, we will ensure professionalism, and confidentiality in handling the service of process. We respect time and we value it and do our best to always keep it.
  • Our reminders are sent to you free of charge and this whole process is also automated. This is done to ensure that you are never late for critical filings. We will email, fax or call you if need be.
  • We won’t try taking advantage of you by selling you unnecessary products or (hidden, billable) services like certified copies, bookkeeping, tapes or manuals, office rent, inflated filing fees, deluxe record books or company seals.
  • We will offer you advice on how you can increase your revenue and decrease expenses free of charge.
  • Discount Registered Agents, Inc. has been operational since 2001 with the main aim of providing you with what you need. Our superior customer service has been commended for being above board. We will effectively handle all your Registered Agent Needs. Our firm, Discount Registered Agents, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 2001.

Why Should You Select Discount Registered Agents, Inc.?

We will always do our best to provide with the kind of service your business needs. We always strive to go the extra mile to ensure that after interacting with us, you will be satisfied by the level of service that you would have received from us. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.