Change Your Delaware Company’s Domicile To Wyoming

Your Delaware Company’s Annual Filing Fees
And Taxes Are Outrageous!

Delaware Eats You Alive With Filing Fees
Along With An 8.7% Corporate Tax
Just To Exist!

How Much More Do You Want To Pay Delaware
For The Privilege Of Existing?

Many Companies Are Looking For Solutions
And We Have Them!

You’re in business to provide for your family, not the government. You need to be honest with yourself. State of Delaware fees and taxes do not help the growth of your business. Instead of being a cash cow for the State of Delaware and paying the tax bill year after year, you should take measures to eliminate the problem and change your Delaware company's domicile to Wyoming!

You Can "Vote With Your Feet"
By Changing The Location Of Your “Domicile”

If a company has been established in one State (like Delaware) but prefers to be governed by the laws of another State (like Wyoming), it is possible to change the State of domicile. This is a simple process that involves the “transfer” of your existing company to a new jurisdiction. This process is possible even if you are in default or revoked status in your home State (like Delaware), Territory, or Foreign Country! Changing your domicile does not mean you are forming a new company. You are only changing the State that charters your company. Currently, for you, that is Delaware. In other words, your company is changing its home from Delaware to Wyoming. Changing your domicile also allows you to keep your Federal Tax Identification Number and retain the “age” of your company, which is important because it helps you keep company bank accounts, and lines of credit. You can also change the domicile of your company from any state, territory, or foreign country you were formed in.

Why Choose Wyoming As Your New Domicile?

Wyoming is one of only four States in the US that do not have a Corporate or Personal Income Tax. In 1977, Wyoming wrote the first LLC Law in the United States. But the main reason why Wyoming is the best option is that it has laws protecting members of LLCs and directors, officers and shareholders of corporations. In addition to that, in Wyoming you aren’t required to pay any Business License Fees, Officer Filing Fees, Gross Receipts Taxes, Privilege Tax, or Franchise Tax for the “privilege” of having a company. Members, directors, officers and shareholders of a company are also not required to be listed on a public database. (When you file your annual report, it must be signed by the Treasurer or Fiscal Agent.) And unlike many states, Wyoming will never ask you for a list of owners or officers, their percent owned, their date of birth, and Social Security Number. For more information, please see our page, Why Should You Incorporate in Wyoming. It is a clear choice!

Let’s See What This Alternative Is Going To Cost.

The continuance fee to change your domicile to the State of Wyoming is $100, an inexpensive fee if you ask me.

Wyoming necessitates certified copies of your original Articles of Formation. The total fee to the State of Delaware for the certified copies is dependent on the total number of pages. The State of Delaware minimum fee is $125.00.

Before changing your domicile, you must have a registered agent in Wyoming. Our company will fulfill that requirement for you by giving you the same premium service our company in Nevada has been delivering for over a decade for the same affordable rate of only $95.00 a year. Our Registered Agent fee is most likely lower than what you’re currently paying your Delaware registered agent. You can read all about us at About Discount Registered Agents, Inc.

We will create your Articles of Continuance and send them to you for your signature, obtain the certified documents from the State of Delaware, assemble everything, and file the completed package with the Wyoming Secretary of State for only $100.00.

Ok, let’s put all this together.

  • The fee to the State of Wyoming for Filing your Articles of Continuance - $100.00.
  • The fee to us for doing all the leg work for you - $100.00.
  • The fee to us for providing 1 year of Registered Agent Service - $95.00.
  • For a Grand Total of $295.00 plus the Unknown fee to the State of Delaware for Certified Copies which is dependent on the total number of pages in your Articles of Formation. The State of Delaware minimum fee is $125.00.

Financially, you will break even in your first year! But it gets even better!

A wise and prudent business person should ask one more question,

What’s the Annual Cost of Maintaining a Wyoming Company?

Here is where the deal gets good. You have No Other Costs until next year. Next year, you have two Annual expenses.

  • We will continue to be your Wyoming Registered Agent for $95.00 annually.
  • If you have less than $250,000 in assets located Inside the State of Wyoming, the State of Wyoming fee for filing your Annual Report in Wyoming is $62.00 a year. That's it! If you have more questions, visit our CONTACT page.

No Business License Tax. No State Income Tax. No Privilege Tax.
Wyoming is $62 – Delaware is Much Higher!

Wyoming is a Fraction of the Cost of Delaware!
This is a No Brainer!

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