Register Your Out of State Company

Register Your Out Of State Company

Register Your Out Of State Company
To Do Business In Another State

You must register your out of State company with the Secretary of State in order to be qualified to conduct business in another State. The process is simple and straight forward. The Secretary of State has compiled all the necessary forms and instructions on their website.

What Are The State Fees?

Every State charges a Registration fee to Register a Foreign Company. Every year you need to file your Annual Report. Check here for the fees.

Discount Registered Agents, Inc.

We are a family run business since 2001. You can read about us at About Discount Registered Agents, Inc.

What Is The Fee To Appoint Discount Registered Agents, Inc.?

We charge an annual fee to be your Registered Agent of $95.00. When you appoint us to be your Registered Agent, we will complete and submit the paperwork to register your foreign company for $100.00.

What Will You Receive $95.00?

Above all, you will receive extraordinary client service. We make it a practice to be the finest Registered Agent. For a complete description of our services, please go to Why Should You Select Discount Registered Agents, Inc.

What We Never Do.

  • We will not misinform you in order to obtain or keep your business.
  • We never offer you add-on products or services that you do not need and only exist for the purpose of making us money. No up-selling with us!
  • Bait and Switch are not how we treat our clients.

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