Change Your Company’s Domicile to Another State

You Can Change The Domicile Of Your Company
From Any State, Territory, Or Foreign Country
You Were Formed In.

You’re in business to provide for your family, not the government. You need to be honest with yourself. State fees and taxes do not help the growth of your business. Instead of being a cash cow for the State and paying the tax bill year after year, you should take measures to eliminate the problem and change your company's domicile to another State!

You Can "Vote With Your Feet"
By Changing The Location Of Your “Domicile”

If a company has been established in one State but prefers to be governed by the laws of another State, it is possible to change the State of domicile. This is a simple process that involves the “transfer” of your existing company to a new jurisdiction.

In Some States,
Changing your Domicile is Possible
Even if you are in Default or Revoked Status
In your Home State, Territory, or Foreign Country!

Changing your domicile does not mean you are forming a new company. You are only changing the State that charters your company. In other words, your company is changing its home.

Changing your domicile also allows you to keep your Federal Tax Identification Number and retain the “age” of your company, which is important because it helps you keep company bank accounts, and lines of credit.

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What do you Charge Me to
Change Your Company's Domicile To Another State

As your Registered Agent, we help you Change Your Company's Domicile for $100.00 in addition to our Annual Registered Agent Fee of $95.00 a year and the cost of obtaining certified documents from your home State.

You Can Change Your Company's Domicile!
We Make The Process Simple!

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